As American residents, it’s continually consoling to hear your administration sound truly certain about something. The economy is moving forward! Atomic war most likely won’t occur. The at least dozen ladies blaming the president for grabbing or generally bugging them are for the most part liars. You know: Straightforward, calming stuff.

That last point was the official White House position set forward by squeeze secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders today, when she was point-clear asked by CBS News’ Jacqueline Alemany about the badgering claims that have dogged—however some way or another not the slightest bit hindered—her manager, Donald Trump, in the course of the most recent couple of years. “Clearly, lewd behavior has been in the news,” Alemany started, per The Washington Post. “No less than 16 ladies blamed the president for sexually bothering them over the span of the crusade. A week ago, amid a public interview in the Rose Garden, the president called these allegations ‘counterfeit news.’ Is the official White House position that these ladies are lying?”


“Definitely, we’ve been sure about that from the earliest starting point, and the president’s talked on it,” Sanders stated, before rapidly changing the subject. What’s more, for sure he has: When gotten some information about the numerous allegations against him a week ago, in light of Hollywood’s continuous Harvey Weinstein embarrassment, Trump waxed his typical persuasiveness, saying, “Everything I can state is it’s absolutely phony news. It’s quite recently phony. It’s phony. It’s made-up stuff, and it’s shameful, what happens, however that occurs in the—that occurs in the realm of legislative issues.”

Obviously, the greater part of the allegations against Trump originate before the time when he and “the universe of governmental issues” had so ruthlessly met; as indicated by the Post, 11 ladies—including previous Apprentice competitor Summer Zervos, who’s suing Trump for badgering after an occurrence in which he purportedly persuasively kissed her and got her bosom—approached amid the battle to blame Trump for past episodes of “undesirable touching or kissing.” (according to his Access Hollywood “locker room talk” playbook.) Even more blamed him for strolling into their changing areas amid the numerous excellence exhibitions he used to deliver.

Anyway, those ladies are liars, as indicated by the official position of the White House, the seat of official power expected to shield the American individuals from the misuse and assaults of the individuals who might wish to dishonor, control, or generally do them hurt. Liars, each and every one.